Quercus infectoria

Flora Palaestina Ethnobotany


Quercus infectoria subsp. veneris (A.Kern.) Meikle).


  • Quercus boissieri Reut.
  • Aleppo Oak
  • ballut halabi بلوط حلبي
  • ballut sibghi بلوط صبغي
  • alon ha-tola'
  • אַלּוֹן הַתּוֹלָע


  • Mediterranean maquis and forest
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Medicinal Complaints / Uses

Quercus infectoria subsp. veneris (A.Kern.) Meikle).

System/State Traditional
Activity / Interpretation
Preparation/ Administration
Parts Used
Child health

Inflammation lips & tongue in babies.


Mix powdered gallnuts + vinegar & spread on tongue & lips x2/day after meals.

Gallnuts Z

Prevent bleeding of skin & after shaving.


Grind gallnuts to fine powder & sprinkle over haemorrhage.

Gallnuts Z



Decoct gallnuts in water & apply externally.

Gallnuts Z

Severe diarrhea & intestinal inflammation

Anti-Infective, Anti-diarrheal, Anti-inflammatory, Demulcent

1.Decoct gallnuts in water & use internally. (Admin. further details not specified.)
2.Grind gallnuts to fine powder, cook in water & drink.

Gallnuts Z

Colds & various ailments: abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever, body pains, childhood illnesses

Analgesic, Anti-Infective, Anti-pyrexia

Prepare alcoholic tincture of gallnuts (galla), (See NOTES 1) + Ruta graveolens (leaf) + Phyllanthus emblica + "pedalon" (type of artificially prepared salt) + NaCl + Ferula assa-foetida + Aloe ferox + Myristica fragrans + Crocus sp. + Zingiber + Panicum (?) + Piper longum + Terminalia bellerica + "bedda" (See NOTES 2) (Terminalia citrina)+ "qali kaduri" (?) + Rosa sp.+ Cassia sp. + Gardenia sp. Take orally as necessary.

Gallnuts Z
Oral health

Strengthen teeth & prevent tooth & gum inflammation

Anti-caries, Anti-gum disease

1. Grind gallnuts (See NOTES) + Cyperus sp. + Artemisia arboresens + Calamina (Calamine lotion: ZnO+Fe2O3) + Anacyclus pyrethrum; add little water to obtain a paste & spread in/around teeth.
2. For gum inflammation: decoct gallnuts in water & apply externally.

Gallnuts Z
Wound Healing



Grind gallnuts + Lawsonia sp. into fine powder & sprinkle over burn.

Gallnuts Z
Wound Healing

Wounds, swelling & external hemorrhages

Haemostatic, Vulnerary

Decoct gallnuts in water & apply externally.

Gallnuts Z

Other Uses

Quercus infectoria subsp. veneris (A.Kern.) Meikle).

System/State Complaint / Use Activity / Interpretation
Parts Used

Dye hair black; substitute for pomegranate peels


Mix burnt gallnuts & oil. (Admin. details not specified.), (See NOTES 1)

Gallnuts Z

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1. Galls or gallnuts are abnormal swellings on trees & plants caused by parasitic organisms e.g. nematodes, insects, bacteria, mites etc. that secrete chemical irritants into the plant tissue. Gallnuts resemble nuts. Galla Turcica are galls formed on the young branches or twigs of Quercus infectoria Olivier parasitized by gall wasps (Cynips gallae-tinctoriae Olivier). Galla are the gallnuts of Quercus sp.
2. According to Z "bedda" & "hedda" are common names for Terminalia citrina. He may be referring to "bodo", a common name from India.


Species in the Quercus genus have a high tannin content in leaves etc. which can irritate the digestive lining in excess. Foliage can be poisonous. Acorns should be leached of bitter tannins & roasted before consumption. Contraindicated in fevers, infectious states (baths), externally where skin is damaged especially eczma & using bark in cardio-insufficiency, kidney & liver conditions.