Medicago sativa

Medicago sativa L.


  • Alfalfa
  • barsim hijazi برسيم حجازي
  • barsim برسيم
  • jet جت
  • khubz el-ra'i خبز الراعي
  • אַסְפֶּסֶת תַּרְבּוּתִית
  • aspeset tarbutit


  • Batha
  • Phrygana
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Medicinal Complaints / Uses

Medicago sativa L.

Medicinal Complaints / Uses
System/State Traditional
Activity / Interpretation Traditional
Preparation/ Administration
Parts Used Source
Womens Health

Menopausal hot flushes


Decoct leaves & drink.

Leaf B

Other Uses

Medicago sativa L.

Other Uses
System/State Complaint / Use Activity / Interpretation Traditional
Parts Used Source

Nourishing food for animals


Add aerial parts to animal feed.

Aerial parts B

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Medicago sativa contains coumarins & pyrrolidine alkaloids in seeds which can affect lactation & menstruation. Seeds & sprouts contain canavanine which can cause SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus), pancytopenia & low complement levels. Seeds can also cause stomach upset & diarrhea. Should not be ingested during preganacy & lactation.