Lilium candidum

Lilium candidum L.


  • Madonna Lily
  • White Lily
  • zanbaq زنبق
  • שׁוֹשַׁן צָחֹר
  • shoshan tzakhor


  •  Hard rock outcrops

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Medicinal Complaints / Uses

Lilium candidum L.

Medicinal Complaints / Uses
System/State Traditional
Activity / Interpretation Traditional
Preparation/ Administration
Parts Used Source
Venoms, Bites & Stings

Bee sting


Extract juice from fleshy aerial parts & apply to affected area.

Aerial parts B

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Lilium genus has some species in which the bulb is reported to contain steroidal saponins & steroidal alkaloids. A protein with strong mitogenic acitvity has been isolated from the bulb.