Hyoscyamus aureus

Hyoscyamus aureus L.


  • Golden Henbane
  • benj asfar بنج أصفر
  • benj dahabi بنج ذهبي
  • musseis dur مصيص دور
  • musseis مصيص
  • sakraniya سكرانية
  • sokran سوكران
  • שִׁכָּרוֹן זָהֹב
  • shikaron zahov


  •  Hard rock outcrops

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Medicinal Complaints / Uses

Hyoscyamus aureus L.

Medicinal Complaints / Uses
System/State Traditional
Activity / Interpretation Traditional
Preparation/ Administration
Parts Used Source

Skin cancer


Decoct plant in water & spread decoction over skin.

Aerial parts Z

Skin inflammation/ burns

Anti-inflammatory, Vulnerary

Prepare paste from powdered seeds + honey & spread over skin.

Seed Z


Anti-Infective, Demulcent

Decoct aerial parts & drink. (TOXIC See CAUTIONS.)

Aerial parts B
Infectious Diseases

Lower temperature in fevers & malaria

Anti-malarial, Anti-pyretic

Decoct flowers & drink (TOXIC see CAUTIONS.)

Flower Z
Mental Health



Decoct aerial parts & drink. (TOXIC see CAUTIONS.)

Aerial parts B
Nervous System

Narcotic effect


Place plant under baby`s pillow (where it is believed to work best). (TOXIC see CAUTIONS.)

Aerial parts Z
Pain Relief

Internal body pain


Decoct plant in water, cool, filter & drink 1 large tablespoon x3/day.(TOXIC see CAUTIONS.)

Aerial parts Z
Pain Relief

Pain in skin & muscles


Decoct plant in water & use externally to massage body.

Aerial parts Z

Cough & asthma

Anti-asthmatic, Anti-tussive

Decoct plant + dried figs, sweeten + sugar & drink. (TOXIC see CAUTIONS.)

Aerial parts Z

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Hyoscycamus aureus is a source of the drug hyosyamine (daturine) and all its parts are toxic when taken orally. It can cause impaired vision, convulsions, hallucinations coma & death from heart or respiratory failure. Its use in inducing sleep in a baby is not recomended.