Glaucium corniculatum

Flora Palaestina Ethnobotany

Glaucium corniculatum (L.) Curtis

Papaveraceae (Fumariaceae)

  • Blackspot Horn-poppy
  • Glaucium phoenicium
  • Red Horned-poppy
  • khushkhash asfar خشخاش أصفر
  • mamita ماميثا
  • prega maqrina
  • פְּרֵגָה מַקְרִינָה


  • Shrub-steppes
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Medicinal Complaints / Uses

Glaucium corniculatum (L.) Curtis

System/State Traditional
Activity / Interpretation
Preparation/ Administration
Parts Used

Eye inflammation/ swelling/ heat

Anti-Infective, Anti-inflammatory

Mix plant + garlic, wrap in gauze & tie over eye.

Aerial parts Z

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Aerial parts of Glaucium corniculatum contain aporphine alkaloid some of which are toxic with antagonistic effects to dopamine. Many have anticonvulsant activity or induce convulsions in animals & cytotoxic activity.