Euphorbia helioscopia

Euphorbia helioscopia L.


  • Sun Spurge
  • halablub حلبلوب
  • haleib el-bum حليب البوم
  • lebbaineh لبينة
  • ramadheh رماضة
  • si'deh سعده
  • yatu' al-shams يتوع الشمس
  • חֲלַבְלוּב הַשֶּׁמֶשׁ
  • khalavluv ha-shemesh


  • Batha
  • Phrygana

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Medicinal Complaints / Uses

Euphorbia helioscopia L.

Medicinal Complaints / Uses
System/State Traditional
Activity / Interpretation Traditional
Preparation/ Administration
Parts Used Source
Endocrine/ Metabolic



Decoct aerial parts & drink x1 cup as needed.

Aerial parts B



Drip few drops of latex on dried fig & eat. (See NOTES).

Latex Z

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The latex mentioned in recipes for this species is a milky exudate.

Euphorbia genus has some species which may contain diterpene-esters (phorbol esters) in the latex ( e.g. tigliane, ingenane and daphnane) that are co-carcinogenic & pro-inflammatory. Milk (chyle) of plant causes local skin reactions including blistering, burns, itch et