Cyperus rotundus

Flora Palaestina Ethnobotany

Cyperus rotundus L.


  • Cocograss
  • Nutgrass
  • Purple Nutsedge
  • sa'adeh سعدة
  • gome ha-peqa'im
  • גֹּמֶא הַפְּקָעִים


  • Humid habitats
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Medicinal Complaints / Uses

Cyperus rotundus L.

System/State Traditional
Activity / Interpretation
Preparation/ Administration
Parts Used
Oral Health

Strengthen teeth


Grind tuber into powder, mix + " `afs" (Galla halepensis) + "sheba" (Artemisia arborescens) + "gir armana" (Calamina, ZnO) + " 'ud el-karh" (Anacyclus pyrethrum) (See NOTES 1); add a little water, prepare paste & rub over teeth.

Tuber Z

Cough & pneumonia

Anti-Infective, Anti-tussive

Boil whole plant (especially tuber & underground parts) in water & inhale steam.

Whole plant (aerial parts+root/ tuber) Z
Ritual /Ceremonial

Incense (for churches & mosques)


Burn dried whole plant (especially tuber & underground parts) on coals in vessel; allow steam & smoke to fill air.

Whole plant (aerial parts +root/tuber) Z

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1. In the recipe to strengthen teeth Z identifies the ingredient "gir armana" as Calamina (ZnO). This word could not be found but it may refer to the Arabic word for calamine "kharseen" ( i.e. "khar" from Al-Ghar (mine) & "seen" from China). In the same recipe Z identifies the ingredient " 'ud el-karh" as Anacylus pyrethum. This name could not be found but the species is identified in Arabic as "aud el‘attas" or "akar karha".


Cyperus rotundus may lower blood sugar, slow blood clotting, increase secretions in respiratory/urinery/ gastric tracts, & possibly increase risk of seizures & slowing of heart rate.