Anchusa strigosa

Anchusa strigosa Banks & Sol.


  • Strigose Bugloss. Prickly Alkanet
  • himhim حمحم
  • lisan el-thor لسان الثور
  • musseis مصيص
  • shirsh el-zulu' شرش الزلوع
  • לְשׁוֹן-פַּר סְמוּרָה
  • leshon-par semura


  • Batha
  • Phrygana

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Medicinal Complaints / Uses

Anchusa strigosa Banks & Sol.

Medicinal Complaints / Uses
System/State Traditional
Activity / Interpretation Traditional
Preparation/ Administration
Parts Used Source

Calluses /corns (Heb:"yabelet" according to Z)


Cook root in water & spread on affected area. After 12 hr wash with clean water.

Root Z

Skin inflammation


Macerate aerial parts & apply to skin several times.

Aerial parts B

Stomach ulcer


Decoct root in water for 1 hr & drink x1 cup/day mornings for 20 days.

Root B


Anti-pyretic, Refigerant

Add 2 teaspoons of flower to 1L boiled water, leave 15 min, filter, sweeten + sugar & drink x1 cup/day as needed.

Flower B
Kidney & Urinary Tract

Kidney inflammation

Anti-inflammatory, Demulcent

1. Add 50 gm of flowers to 1L hot water, boil for 5 min, stand 15 min, filter & drink x1 cup before breakfast.
2. Extract juice from leaves + sugar (optional) & drink x 2-3 cups/day until recovery.

Flower. Leaf (juice) B
Kidney & Urinary Tract

Kidney stones


Add 50 gm of flowers to 1L hot water, boil for 5 min, stand 15 min, filter & drink x 2-3 cups /day until recovery.

Flower B
Kidney & Urinary Tract

Urinary retention


Add 50 gm of flowers +leaves to 1L hot water, boil for 5 min & drink 2-3 cups/day until recovery.

Flower, Leaf B
Men`s Health/ Sexuality

Increase virility


Cook root in chicken soup or cow's milk & drink.

Root Z
Musculoskeletal/ Joints

Rheumatic pain

Analgesic, Anti-arthritic, Anti-inflammatory

Mash root peel & use as bandage on painful area.

Root Z

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Anchusa strigosa contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids that are potentially hazardous for humans & animals with mutagenic, teratogenic, cancerogenic & fetotoxic properties.