The Zaitschek collection is an historical archive based on ethno-botanical surveys carried out on Flora Palaestina by the late Prof David Zaitschek during the 1960`s.It includes information from 7 sources including 4 Jewish healers (FA, FH, FE, GM,RE) and 3 Arab healers (IS, IK ME) (FOR Full names see below):

Fikel Aharon (FA)
Friedman Eitan (FE)
Gvirz Malka (GM)
Ibrahim Samir (IS)
Ilabuni Khana (IK)
Mu’amar Elias (ME)
Re’ani Yocheved (RY)

The Zaitschek collection uses information based primarily on the local use of flora Palaestina (=ZAITSCHEK)
In some cases however information is also given on how a specific species is used in other parts of the Middle East and Asia. In these cases the following abbreviations are used:
Z-Ind = Zaitschek India
Z-Irq = Zaitschek Iraq
Z-Mor =Zaitschek Morocco
Z-Alg =Zaitschek Algeria
Z-Pers = Zaitschek Persia
Z-Irn = Zaitschek Iran
Z-Tun = Zaitschek Tunisia
Z-Yem = Zaitschek Yemen
Z-Lyb = Zaitschek Lybia