Worms in intestinal tract & other parasites (ID: 1606)

All Complaints for this Species

    • Wound Healing Vulnerary

      Prepare compress of crushed leaves & apply to burn.

    • Women`s Health Anti-abortive

      Prepare extract/ infusion in water of fruits + "yansun" (Pimpinella) + fennel + carrots & drink.

    • Surgical/ Trauma Haemostatic

      Use roasted fruits (Admin. not specified.)

    • Respiratory Anti-Infective

      Cook leaves in water (Admin. not specified.)

    • Oral Health Mouth wash

      Eat leaves.

    • Oral Health Anti-gum disease, Mouth wash

      Cook leaves in water (Admin. not specified.)

    • Opthalmic Visual health

      Roast fruits + "feijan" (Ruta chalepensis) leaves, grind & sift; apply on rims of eyelids like eyeliner ("kohol") (See NOTES 3).

    • Opthalmic Anti-inflammatory

      Mix crushed plant with a woman's breast milk & apply to eye.

    • Nervous System Analgesic

      1. Macerate fruits in cold water & use liquid as nose drops.
      2. Burn fruits + pumpkin peels & inhale smoke before sunrise.
      3. Cook leaves in water (Admin. not specified.)

    • Musculoskeletal/ Joints Analgesic, Anti-arthritic, Anti-inflammatory

      1. Add fruit to ground barley flour mixed + vinegar & prepare dough; apply to painful area. (Especially good when pain is accompanied by fever.) If treatment 1 does not help then use the following :
      2. Add fruit to ground lentils + burnt ground lamb bones + "halila" (Terminalia sp.) (See NOTES 2), peels + "surinjan" (Colchicum sp.) & eat for 3 days. (Also 1 cup of concentrated extract of "kosani" (Cichorium sp.) can be drunk evenings.)
      3. Decoct crushed fruits & drink.

    • Musculoskeletal/ Joints Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory

      Cook leaves in water. (Admin. not specified.)

    • Men`s Health/ Sexuality Aphrodisiac

      Use fruits. (Preparation/ Admin. not specified.)

    • Infectious Diseases Anti-Infective

      Mix leaves or fruits + crushed black pepper + cardamom + cumin; prepare compress & apply to swelling.

    • Helminth infections Anthelmintic, Vermifuge

      1. Mix powdered fruit s + powdered seeds of "rashad" (Lepidium sativum) + mint leaves + green pomegranate peel; decoct mixture in water for 15 min, cool, allow ingredients to sink & drink liquid (leaving sediment).
      2. Use fruit. (Preparation /Admin. not specified.)

    • Haematology Anti-anaemic

      Eat fresh leaves as salad with meal

    • General Anti-hydropic

      Bake bread with Coriandrum fruits + honey + raisins & apply as bandage to affected area.

    • General Anti-hydropic

      Macerate powdered fruit in vinegar for few hrs, filter through gauze; drink before meals & rub over body.

    • General Tonic

      1. Mix powdered fruits + honey & eat x1 tablespoon every morning.
      2. Macerate after removing seeds a mixture of raisins + "tamarhindi" (Tamarindus indica). Leave overnight then boil, cool, filter, add + sugar + powdered Coriandrum fruit, cook for 15 min & eat.

    • Gastrointestinal Anti-emetic

      Cook plant in water. (Admin. not specified.)

    • Gastrointestinal Hepatic

      Use fruits (Preparation/ Admin. not specified.)

    • Gastrointestinal Hepatic

      Mix powdered fruits + honey & eat x1 teaspoon /day.

    • Gastrointestinal Anti-haemorrhoidal

      Decoct seeds & apply as poultice.

    • Gastrointestinal Antacid

      1. Eat roasted fruits.
      2. Cook aerial parts & drink.
      3. Heartburn: cook leaves in water & drink.

    • Gastrointestinal Anti-Infective, Anti-diarrheal

      Boil fruit + 1 tablespoon "eshel" (Tamarix sp.) wood + "yansun" (Pimpinella) + cinnamon & drink morning & evenings. (Forbidden to eat meat)

    • Gastrointestinal Laxative

      Cook plant in water & drink.

    • Gastrointestinal Anti-spasmodic, Carminative

      1. Roast fruits. (Admin. not specified.)
      2. Decoct crushed fruits & drink.

    • Endocrine/ Metabolic Hypoglycemic

      Prepare powder of Coriander + cumin fruits. (Admin. not specified.)

    • Dermatological Anti-allergy, Anti-pruritic

      Decoct crushed fruits, make bandage/ compress & apply to affected area.

    • Dermatological Scabicide

      Decoct crushed fruits, make bandage/ compress & apply to affected area.

    • Cardiovascular Hypotensive

      Eat fresh leaves as salad with meal

    • Cardiovascular Cardiac

      1. Decoct crushed fruits & drink.
      2. Grind fruit + almonds + sesame seeds & warm a little ; mix + "nabat" sugar & eat x1 teaspoon morning & evenings. Drink above together + water extract of Citrus aurantium (bitter orange) flowers.