Worms; ascaris & oxyuris (ID: 36)

All Complaints for this Species

    • Wound Healing Anti-Infective, Vulnerary

      Use aerial parts (Preparation/ Admin. not specified.)

    • Women`s Health Emmenagogue

      Prepare tea. (Admin. not specified.)

    • Sexuality Aphrodisiac

      Use aerial parts. (Preparation/ Admin. not specified).

    • Respiratory Anti-Infective, Anti-tussive

      Use leaves & inflorescence (Preparation /Admin. not specified.)

    • Oral Health Analgesic

      Decoct leaves & gargle x1-2 / day.

    • Oral Health Mouth wash

      Decoct leaves & use to rinse mouth x 12/day.

    • Nervous system Analgesic

      Decoct aerial parts & drink.

    • Kidney & Urinary Tract Anti-Infective

      Decoct aerial parts & drink 1 cup x2/day for 4 days.

    • Kidney & Urinary Tract Anti-lithic

      Prepare extract of leaves & drink.

    • Kidney & Urinary Tract Anti-septic

      Prepare extract of leaves & drink.

    • Infectious Diseases Anti-malarial

      Cook young branches in water + "qishr qina" (bark of Cinchona sp.) + young olive branches + English salt + sour lemon & drink mornings.

    • Helminth infections Anthelmintic, Vermifuge

      Prepare tea + "babunej" (Matricaria chamomilla) & drink on empty stomach. After drinking use enema of garlic & soap solution to help expel worms.

    • Genitourinary tract Anti-septic

      Use aerial parts. (Preparation/ Admin. not specified.)

    • Gastrointestinal Antacid, Anti-emetic

      Use aerial parts. (Preparation/ Admin. not specified.)

    • Gastrointestinal Anti-emetic

      Decoct leaves in water & drink.

    • Gastrointestinal Anti-inflammatory, Anti-spasmodic, Carminative, Demulcent

      Decoct aerial parts & drink.

    • Gastrointestinal Anti-Infective, Anti-diarrheal

      1. Diarrhea & dysentery: adults & children: decoct aerial parts & drink (Z).
      2. Diarrhea only: adults: decoct leaves & stems & drink 1 cup x2/day until well. (B)

    • Gastrointestinal Carminative

      Cook in water & drink.

    • Dermatological /Cosmetic Hair restorer

      Wash hair using only the leaves.

    • Child health Anti-emetic

      Clean leaves, mix + bread crumbs (without crust) & cook in wine + cinnamon. Spread mixture on cloth to make poultice & wrap over infant's abdomen.

    • Cardiovascular Analgesic, Cardiac

      Prepare tea + "roza" (Aloysia citriodora Palau).(Admin.not specified.)