Typhoid fever (ID: 882)

All Complaints for this Species

    • Musculoskeletal/ Joints Analgesic, Anti-arthritic, Anti-inflammatory

      Decoct root & drink conc. extract x1 cup for 3 days.

    • Infectious Diseases Anti-Infective

      Decoct flowers & drink.

    • Infectious Diseases Anti-Infective

      Three preparations are used: A, B & C. A. Cook Cichorium root + "taujadizi" (Solanum nigrum) (See CAUTIONS 2) in water + Viola odorata + Nymphaea alba. B. Cook Cassia fistula + Alhagi sp. + almond oil. C. Cook as in B but add Cotoneaster nummularia. Drink A for 3 days morning & evening. If no improvement drink B. As a final treatment drink C.

    • Infectious Diseases Anti-malarial, Anti-pyretic

      Two preparations are used A & B: A. Cook root in water + "taujadizi" (Solanum nigrum) (See CAUTIONS 2) + "banafsa" (Viola odorata) + "nilufar" (Nymphaea alba). B. Cook "folus" (Cassia fistula) & "taranjamin" (Alhagi sp.) in almond oil. Drink preparation A for 3 days, morning & evening. If no improvement, drink preparation B once. Next day prepare B without "folus" & drink. If still fever on 6th day drink B with "folus".

    • General Anti-pyretic

      Use root. (Preparation/ Admin. not specified.)

    • Gastrointestinal Hepatic

      Use root. (Preparation unclear but may involve a fish dish.)

    • Dermatological Vulnerary

      Cook root +" taujadizi" (Solanum nigrum) fruit & whole plant + Descurainia sophia & drink (See CAUTIONS 2 for Solanum nigrum).

    • Dermatological Anti-pruritic

      Prepare extract of root in "araq" (anise liquor) +" khaqshir" (Sisymbrium sp. synonym of Descurainia sopia.) + "shirkhisht" (sugary secretion of Cotoneaster) + "folus" (Cassia fistula) & apply to affected skin.