Tobacco substitute (ID: 2919)

All Complaints for this Species

    • Wound Healing Anti-septic

      Crush dried plant into fine powder & dust over skin.

    • Wound Healing Vulnerary

      Grind roasted seeds & apply powder to burn every 1-2 hrs throughout the day.

    • Smoking Cigarette

      Make cigarettes of dried leaves & smoke.

    • Musculoskeletal / Joints Induce burn

      1. Burn dried stems & apply while hot to skin causing a burn.
      2. Make cigarette from dried plant, light one end & apply it to skin to cause a burn. (See NOTES.)

    • Mental Health Anti-depressant

      Decoct leaves & drink x1 cup/day.

    • Kidney & Urinary Tract Deobstruent

      Soak leaves & stems in boiling water & drink x1 cup/day until recovery.

    • Gastrointestinal Digestive

      Decoct leaves & drink x1 cup/day.

    • Dermatological Anti-Infective

      Burn leaves & apply directly to wart.

    • Dermatological Anti-Infective

      Burn ground dried leaves & stems & add small amount to cauterize affected area x1 only.