Respiratory congestion (ID: 5284)

All Complaints for this Species

    • Wound Healing Vulnerary

      Extract juice from corm & apply to affected area x2/day for 3 days.

    • Wound Healing Anti-Infective, Vulnerary

      Extract juice from ground corms & apply to affected area x3/day for 3 days.

    • Venoms, Bites & Stings Anti-venom

      Rub stung area with fresh tuber.

    • Respiratory Anti-asthmatic

      Clean, peel & squeeze tubers to extract juice & inhale x2 drops into nose for 3 days.

    • Respiratory Decongestant

      Decoct corm & drink x1 cup/day until well

    • Nervous System Analgesic

      Mix dried, ground tuber + dry ground tobacco & use as snuff.

    • Musculoskeletal/ Joints Vulnery

      Crush fresh tuber, apply to painful area & bandage.

    • Musculoskeletal/ Joints Analgesic, Anti-arthritic, Anti-inflammatory

      Boil corms in water for 5 min, cool & apply to affected area x2/day for 1 week.

    • Industrial Cleaning product

      Tuber used for laundry. (Preparation not specified.)

    • General Refrigerant

      Use juice of stems bearing flowers (Admin. not specified.)

    • Gastrointestinal Anti-haemorrhoidal

      1. Decoct corm in water & apply locally x3/day until healed. (B)
      2. Crush corms, squeeze, knead + flour, shape into chickpea form & use as suppositary. (B)
      3. Mix crushed tuber + cumin + "kamnon ha-anis" (or "yansun"), (Pimpinella anisum) & make into pills. (Admin. not described but probably used as suppository.) (Z)

    • Dermatological Anti-inflammatory

      Apply corm juice to affected skin x 2/day for 1 week.

    • Dermatological Anti-inflammatory

      Extract juice of corms & apply to affected area x2/day, morning & evenings until healed.

    • Dermatological Emollient

      Decoct 200 gm of leaves in 0.5 L water for 10 min & apply to affected area x3/day.

    • Dermatological Anti-inflammatory

      Extract juice from corm & apply to affected area x2/day until healed.

    • Dermatological Hair restorer

      Rub skin of scalp with wollen cloth until irritated, then rub with plant tuber.

    • Cancer Anti-carcinogenic

      1. Cut washed corm (see NOTES 1) into small pieces, boil in water, filter & drink x1 cup/day until recovery.
      2. Add leaves (when in season) to boiling water for 3 min; fill leaves with rice & meat, cook & eat.