Convolvulus scammonia

Flora Palaestina Ethnobotany

Convolvulus scammonia L.


  • Scammony
  • Syrian bindweed
  • mahmudiya محمودية
  • khavalbal refu'i
  • חֲבַלְבַּל רְפוּאִי

Geophyte, Climber

  • Cultivated areas (weeds)
  • Disturbed habitats
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Medicinal Complaints / Uses

Convolvulus scammonia L.

System/State Traditional
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Cut root, drip 2 drops (not more!) of latex onto a dry fig (Ficus carica) & eat. (See NOTES & CAUTIONS.)

Root (Latex) Z

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Z notes that severe diarrhea can occur with the treatment for constipation. To stop this Z advises the patient to drink sour leben (yoghurt). See also CAUTIONS)


Convulvulus scammonia contains Tropane alkaloids (pseudotropine) with atropine like activity on the autonomic nervous system. Present in all parts of the plant but seeds are especially toxic. Convulvulus genus has species that can have a strong laxative effect & in large amounts can cause stomach pain.