Cichorium intybus

Flora Palaestina Ethnobotany

Cichorium intybus L.

Asteraceae (Compositae)

  • More than 30 synonyms
  • Common Chicory
  • `ilt علت
  • hindiba' هندباء
  • olesh tarbuti
  • עֹלֶשׁ תַּרְבּוּתִי


  • Batha
  • Phrygana
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Medicinal Complaints / Uses

Cichorium intybus L.

System/State Traditional
Activity / Interpretation
Preparation/ Administration
Parts Used



Prepare extract of root in "araq" (anise liquor) +" khaqshir" (Sisymbrium sp. synonym of Descurainia sopia.) + "shirkhisht" (sugary secretion of Cotoneaster) + "folus" (Cassia fistula) & apply to affected skin.

Root Z

Rash/small skin lesions


Cook root +" taujadizi" (Solanum nigrum) fruit & whole plant + Descurainia sophia & drink (See CAUTIONS 2 for Solanum nigrum).

Root Z



Use root. (Preparation unclear but may involve a fish dish.)

Root Z



Use root. (Preparation/ Admin. not specified.)

Root Z
Infectious Diseases

Malaria & high fever

Anti-malarial, Anti-pyretic

Two preparations are used A & B: A. Cook root in water + "taujadizi" (Solanum nigrum) (See CAUTIONS 2) + "banafsa" (Viola odorata) + "nilufar" (Nymphaea alba). B. Cook "folus" (Cassia fistula) & "taranjamin" (Alhagi sp.) in almond oil. Drink preparation A for 3 days, morning & evening. If no improvement, drink preparation B once. Next day prepare B without "folus" & drink. If still fever on 6th day drink B with "folus".

Root Z
Infectious Diseases

Measles (hasba)


Three preparations are used: A, B & C. A. Cook Cichorium root + "taujadizi" (Solanum nigrum) (See CAUTIONS 2) in water + Viola odorata + Nymphaea alba. B. Cook Cassia fistula + Alhagi sp. + almond oil. C. Cook as in B but add Cotoneaster nummularia. Drink A for 3 days morning & evening. If no improvement drink B. As a final treatment drink C.

Root Z
Infectious Diseases

Typhoid fever


Decoct flowers & drink.

Flower Z
Musculoskeletal/ Joints

Rheumatic pain

Analgesic, Anti-arthritic, Anti-inflammatory

Decoct root & drink conc. extract x1 cup for 3 days.

Root Z

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1. Cichorium. intybus is identifid with rare allergic skin reactions. Caution in patients with bile or gallstones. Contains carcinogens increased by roasting. Ingestion may cause bradycardia.
2. Several recipes include cooking Cichorium intybus with " taujadazi" or " tajazi" (black nightshade, Solanum nigrum). All parts of Solanum nigrum except the ripe fruit contain highly toxic glycoalkaloid, solanine causing solanine-like poisoning symptoms (unripe fruits can also cause toxicity). For more details see Solanum nigrum entry.